Whether you’re a business,  a self employed tradesman, a charity or non profit organisation, a hobbyist or enthusiast, a sporting group or just someone who has something to say, everyone needs a web presence in this day and age! Accessible information and ease of contact is essential!

Let us design you a simple but effective website that delivers your content in an easy to read and easy to navigate format that will also look great!

Over 60% of businesses now have a website and it’s become a crucial means of effective communication and contact. But websites aren’t just for businesses…have an interest that you want to share with the world? Now you can with your very own website!

What actually is a website?

A website is space located on a computer where anyone can say “This is me, this is what I do, or what I am interested in, what I know, what I want to share, or what I have to sell you”.  In short, it’s an electronic source of information available to anyone in the whole world, 24 hours a day!

Within the website, each screenful of information is called a page just like this one you’re reading. Pages may contain informative text, or graphic images, photographs, sound and even video.

One great feature are the “links” embedded within a page that can be clicked with a computer mouse and which then transports viewers to other pages.  With a website, the user decides the order they want to see the pages in by clicking the links that interest them.

This interactivity generates a sense of ownership and participation in the user, binding them to the information much more tightly than traditional methods…print ads, brochures etc. To maximise this benefit, it really needs someone with an understanding of interactive programming to get the best out of creating the electronic pages and links that build the website to make it a unique and memorable experience.

What sort of websites are out there?

There are many sorts of Websites, ranging from a single page offerings, through to enormous Websites which have several thousand pages full of information.

Websites may be provided by individuals (which are usually called homepages), special interest groups and hobbyists”, educational establishments like universities and schools, Governments, charity organisations, individual retailers, banks and businesses, manufacturers and importers, news, media and financial organisations and multinational corporations.

All small businesses can have the same presence and create the same image as a latger one. Each chooses the style and content of its own pages to appear different and unique.

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