Bundanoon 150 – Bundanoon’s Sesquicentenary

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Bundanoon 150 – Bundanoon’s Sesquicentenary

The Bundanoon Sesquicentenary group, setup to organise & plan the events & celebrations of Bundanoon’s 150th year contacted Fat Wombat Designs to build their website to showcase the history of the town and the events taking place throughout 2015.

The site was built as a one page site where information may be found readily, giving information as to the purpose of the group, it’s intentions, the events happening month by month and news as it happens within the town.

Whilst built to only last throughout the year, the site has become a focus of the town to gather information and news on local events & happenings.

You may visit the site here: http://www.bundanoon150.org.au/


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